Client’s testimonials

"Your selection, affordability, and ability to transport right to my house have me very happy. I'm a retired soldier and I'm happy to have found a group that cares so much about the second amendment. Your deliveries were made very quickly. Excellent convenience and service. I'm excited to use your website in the future.

Rocky B.

"Completely satisfied. Ammo came in 50 not one missing. The box was not banged up. The ammo looks good. Shipped fast. I also got a cool sticker from you."

Eric M.

"Everything was great with my order. Prices were good and website was easy to navigate. I like the Freedom Fighter program and was happy to donate."

Alton S.

"My order was perfect! Exactly how it should have been. I could not find the 22lr anywhere, but Ammo.com got it for me. I am very satisfied and will be buying all my ammunition from Ammo.com! P.S. Thank you so much for making it possible to protect my family."


"I was very pleased with my order. It was picked correctly, packed well and arrived on time. I was pleased to have found availability on many of the caliber that I wanted and will be returning to the site to order again. I also referred my father on law to your website when I found what I was looking for and he also placed an order. Thank you."

Eric E.

"Yes, very happy and very quick delivery. Not a bad price in a time when there are some arms and ammo dealers pushing the line of gouging! So yes, definitely happy looking and forward to doing more business with you."

Joey C.

"My order was handled very well. Your deliveries are always accurate and prompt. I love the shipping choice of FedEx that you offer. And if I may add, you offer an excellent selection of ammo at a fair price. Thank you for what you do and how well you do it."

Richard O.