About Us

We think that equipping our countrymen – both physically and mentally – helps them carry out the Second Amendment’s purpose, which was to act as a check on state power, as intended by our Founding Fathers.

We hold that our Creator, rather than a written instrument, granted us the liberties enumerated in our Bill of liberties. God has granted everyone an unalienable right. It cannot be taken away if it is not conferred by the president, the king, or any other government.

The fact is that our Second Amendment rights exist to preserve all of the others.

We consider it important to take seriously the assertion made in our Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” that they have certain unalienable rights that were given to them by their Creator. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are among these.

The original radicals, our Founding Fathers had a daring idea of a New World where people could live without oppression. They launched an armed uprising against the Crown, which gave rise to American exceptionalism and made the 13 colonies into a country unlike any other—the land of the brave and the free.

But we’re worried that many Americans are forgetting what made our wonderful nation such a special place. That individual freedom is given up in favor of comfort and safety. And that many people in today’s generation have forgotten the causes of the American Revolutionary War, the signing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the reasons why so many people now steadfastly refuse to give up their weapons.

We support the rights to free expression, privacy, and self-determination. And that any unfettered extension of governmental power in any of these areas merits resistance, just like with gun control. However, while the majority of people think the issue is right vs. left, we think it’s liberty vs. authoritarianism.

Every round of ammunition sold on our website supports these ideals, thus we freely donate 1% of sales from Ammo.com to the pro-freedom group of your choosing. The groups we back stand up for American exceptionalism in courtrooms, legislatures, on the front lines of the armed forces, and at the polls.

It is up to Americans like us to educate and then inspire others in order to win the War of Ideas that our nation is currently engaged in. Our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve that function on the virtual field of combat. Additionally, our weekly newsletter informs readers of the most recent ammo deals.

Above all, we think that only a portion of what we do is selling high-quality ammunition. Our consumers chose us because of our rates, but they keep coming back because of the quick shipping, simple and secure checkout process, and our attempts to protect what makes this country special.

Since you can never have too much ammunition, just like freedom.